Monday, July 24, 2006

Everyone is doing it...

Apparently, I am the Pied Piper of Movedom. Resistance is futile. If I move, others must as well. I guess it is the universe's way of putting everything back in its natural order. Because, you know, I am the centre of the universe!

Clearly when I moved, some universal adjustments were necessary. As proof of my theory of my incredible power: on Thursday, Grandma Mrs. Peeps (aka Rugrat and Wren, the anonymous posters) moved into a new home, and on Saturday, Ms. Blonde One moved into a new apartment. Coincidence? I think not! If you still have doubts about me being the centre of the universe, would the fact that Ms. Blonde One moved into the same apartment building, convince you? (It's not like Toronto doesn't have, like, a million apartment buildings and a high vacancy rate!)

Nevertheless, happy housewarming, one and all!


a2o2 said...

I have not seen a face cuter then yours :) Koko.


Kelly said...

I think Ms. Blonde One is stalking you Koko. Don't give her a key to your place!

P.S. Odd-its suck.

The Blonde One said...

too late! a key has been obtained and i am currenty sending this note from your apartment! mwahahahahahaha!