Friday, July 21, 2006

Odd It

I wonder what an "odd it" is. It seems to take up a lot of Mrs. Peeps's time. At least that is the most recent excuse for her absence. Personally, I myself find lots of things odd, not just particular its. The funny thing is, Mrs. Peeps also tells me she is camped out with an "odd-it-er". I never new that you could make a profession of it, although I do know lots of peeps who seem to have adopted strange as a personal style. Nevertheless, I cannot wait until the odd it is complete so Mrs. Peeps will come home for longer than the wink of any eye. Clearly, new pictures of me are required: this one is over ten years old!

PS. Just wondering, do you think an oddity is a ditty about an odd it? Hmmm. Perhaps I will write one in my spare time...a ditty, that is. Not an odd it.


Kelly said...

Koko, if you hadn't said it, I would have sworn that photo was taken yesterday!

Not An Artist said...

Ohh so this is the excuse now? Odd-its? Poor you Koko.

(The picture is lovely though; and you haven't aged a bit)

a2o2 said...

You look just lovely Koko! Blurry touch adds a lot to the flashback theme. You look the same but sophisticated ;)