Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So sad

Somebody should be doing their homework, but instead they feel compelled to blog about my shame and how I did not win in Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunken Cat Sweater Sweepstakes. As a small consolation, there are several pics of me in the contest photo gallery (page 4). I was feeling pretty good about this contest! I mean, if I have to be publicly shamed on a regular basis, shouldn't I win something for it?!?

Speaking of shame, apparently it is that time of year again where I must parade in a ridiculous handmade cap for this year's Christmas card.

Sigh. I think I need a little kitty-pick-me-up! (As in, pick me up and save me from these indignities...hello? is anyone there? hello?)

Xmas 2007 Hat Windowsill


Anonymous said...

HI, I came from CAP's to tell you
your picture was marvey..sorry you
didn't win but you did get a mention!!
I'll be back to keep see what your up to..


Kelly said...

I've got to tell you, I've looked at the winners and I'm sorry, yours are better!

StarSpry said...

I'm sorry you didn't win; you have some great pictures!

I love your pic for this year's Christmas card :D

apocaknits said...

I found your blog from the CAP gallery as I didn't win either :( I think Koko is freaking adorable and loved your pictures.

KnitNana said...

Koko. I really hope that hat doesn't make it onto your head. This shot is fine...just the THOUGHT of it perched there is enough.
Your Friend, The Meezer

gregor said...

Koko, I guess as far as cat hats go, that one isn't really too bad...
Anyway, I hope you and your human have a Happy Thanksgiving! (Tiger The Cat says so, too!)