Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tag...I'm It!

Werd. Love a duck. I really don't know what a meme is, but here I go:

4 Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
1. Professional Sleeper
2. Amateur Acrobat (see the proof above!)
3. Jubal Brown Impersonator
4. World Dominatrix

4 movies you could watch over and over
1. The Aristocats
2. Bell, Book and Candle
3. Chicken Run
4. Winged Migration

4 Places You Have Lived
1. The Round Table, Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2. Osborne Village, Winnipeg, Manitoba
3. York, Toronto, Ontario
4. North York, Toronto, Ontario

4 TV Shows You Love To Watch
1. Corrie Street
2. Stargate Atlantis
3. Lost
4. Desperate Housewives

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation
1. Sudbury, Ontario
2. Dreamland
3. The Balcony, North York, Toronto, Ontario
4. Barrie, Ontario

4 Websites You Visit Daily
1. The Adventures of El Timido
2. Firefly Knit
3. Not An Artist
4. The Kitchen Geek

4 Of Your Favorite Foods
1. Nacho chips
2. Butter
3. Bread crumbs
4. Whatever Mrs. Peep is having

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now
1. Dreamland
2. Under the flannel blanket with Mrs. Peep
3. On the balcony
4. In a warm sunbeam

4 Bloggers You Are Tagging
I don't know any who haven't already done this one...so if you're reading this, you've been tagged! Not a blogger? Don't worry - submit in a comment to this post. (Ms. Blonde One, don't think you can avoid this, I know you are reading me daily! If you don't post I will post the picture of you from the dreaded *fanging day*, the one where you are impersonating Sleeping Beauty!)


Blonde One said...

4 Things I love about Koko:

1. Her fangs
2. Her fickleness
3. Her plans of world domination
4. When her tongue hangs out

(Psst...I'm not sure what tagging and blogging is....)

koko puff said...

Nice try, girlie girl! Don't play blonde! Nevertheless, giving you the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that you ARE NOW FINALLY OF THE AGE where you can't remember public school, Tag, as in TAG YOU'RE IT! So answer the questions girlfriend...Your birthday is coming soon.

The Blonde One said...

okay...The Blonde one was blond and has now sorted it out (she thinks?). A little research was in order.

4 Jobs You Have Had in Your Life
1. Camp Counsellor
2. Lifeguard
3. Church Plant Stand Sales Girl
4. University Tour Guide

4 Movies you could watch over & over
1. March of the Penguins
2. Notting Hill
3. The Princess Bride
4. Bridget Jones' Diary

4 Places you have lived
1. West Kildonan, Manitoba
2. Charleswood, Manitoba
3. The Maples, Manitoba
4. York, Ontario

4 TV Show You love to watch
1. Lost
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Gilmore Girls
4. House

4 Places you have been on vacation
1. Montpellier, France
2. York, England
3. Courtenay, BC
4. Cuba

4 Websites you visit daily
1. Spoilerfix
2. Toronto Star
3. Kokopalooza
4. Rotten Tomatoes

4 of your favorite foods
1. Cheesies
2. Mint chocolate
3. Deep Fried Cheese
4. Crackers (especially those belonging to Mrs. Peeps)

4 places you would rather be right now
1. Anywhere tropical
2. At a spa getting a massage
3. Someplace with a winter storm and a good book
4. with baby Syndle

koko puff said...

Ah! We are having a tag war! Ok, thanks for playing. As a reward I will NOT post that Sleeping Beauty pic and I WILL post something that addresses your #4 Love of Koko...

Kelly said...

Hey, why aren't plastic bags on your favourite foods list? And I'm going to have to see the Jubal Brown impersonation next time I'm over.

El Timido said...

Hey there Koko,

I am absolutely thrilled!
My humble blog is on your "4 Websites You Visit Daily" list :) as it is not enough it's taking the first place.