Sunday, February 19, 2006

Countdown to Oscar Project

Other knitters have the Knitting Olympics; Mrs. Peeps has the Countdown to Oscar scarf.

Yesterday Mrs. Peeps and Ms. Blonde One attended their first knitting class. The scarf, which was started yesterday should be mostly completed for next week's class, but given the progress so far, it may only be mostly done. So Mrs. Peeps is aiming for Academy Award night instead.

This is Mrs. Peeps' progress so far, which represents:
1. One hour: casting on and learning to knit at Lettuce Knit.
2. Fifteen minutes: Guiness and Nacho break at Duke of Kent
3. Six hours: dent in Oscar preparation - DVD viewing of: Batman Begins, Star Wars III, Hustle & Flow.
4. Two hours: two episodes of Tru Calling Season 2. Because she isn't good enough to knit at the movie theatre (Memoirs of a Geisha) and she was out of pre-Oscar viewing material.

A total of almost 10 hours of ignoring me. Humph. I am not so sure I like Mrs. Peeps' new hobby.


The Blonde One said...

the race is on koko - mrs. blonde one hopes to have the scarf completed by next weekend....three hours of the movie castaway and she has made quite a dent...

koko puff said...

Mrs. Peeps knows she is going to lose the race - between a two day conference, starting a new course, and a visit from Grandma Mrs. Peeps, she knows she will get behind. Also, it appears that the scarf length she desires needs 4.5 balls of yarn, not the 3 she actually purchased....But it should be a very respectable length next week. If only you had a digicam then we could post your progress too!

The Blonde One said...

yes koko - it is true. If only I had a digicam! I am looking into it since I realize that the instant camera photos I take are yucky.

Grandma Mr. Peeps said...

Oh Koko: Ignored. I think not. Mrs Peeps scarf is looking good and the more she does the faster she will get.