Monday, February 27, 2006

Helping or hindering?

This is what Mrs. Peeps always asks me: Are you helping or are you hindering? As in, am I part of the solution or part of the problem -- or am I just a general pain in the arse?

I think I am always very helpful. Today, for example, Mrs. Peeps was waaaaaay behind in the homework for her leadership class. This is partly due to Grandma Mrs. Peep's visit - she is highly distracting and a very bad influence! But mostly it is due to the fact that Mrs. Peeps is a high-level, grade-A procrastinator. Whatever. In any event, you can see here that I was a BIG help as I sat here thinking about leadership development theory.

However, if perception is reality, then, according to Mrs. Peeps anyway, I was NOT as big a help as I thought. Mrs. Peeps was a little ticked with me today and kept removing me from her paperwork. As you can see, she finally devised a brilliant strategy which kept both of us happy.

Not helping, but not hindering. Hallelujah! The homework is done!


Kelly said...

Mrs. Peeps is a high-level, grade-A procrastinator? Boy, you'd never know it from the way she bosses me around at work! ;p (protect me from her, Koko!)

koko puff said...

I'm not so sure that you can look to me for protection...I've just visited El Timido's web site and have noted your over-the-top commenting on his site. Mrs. Peeps insists that I cannot boycott you from the Oscar party on Sunday BUT rest assured I am oscillating between wanting to show you how cute I am and how fangy I am...


The Blonde One said...

Beware kelly...don't get on koko's bad side...i can attest to the fanging. It is dangerous, painful and will mar your beauty. i still have the scar to prove it.