Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have a dream

: a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep
2 : an experience of waking life having the characteristics of a dream: as a : a visionary creation of the imagination : DAYDREAM b : a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality : REVERIE c : an object seen in a dreamlike state : VISION
3 : something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality dream to operate>
4 a : a strongly desired goal or purpose dream of becoming president> b : something that fully satisfies a wish : IDEAL dream>

I actually have several dreams. But we will save those for later posts. Hopefully no one will reveal them in the meantime! (You know who you are!) My current dream, obsession really, as per 4 a "a strongly desired goal or purpose", is that Mrs. Peep will come home and spend more time with me. I cannot for the life of me understand why she does not share this dream. She says she does, but her actions belie her words; for the fourth night in a row, I have been abandoned to my own devices. So either the plan is flawed (nope, plan's all good), or it is poorly executed as they say (yep, that's the problem). Closer investigation is required.

As far as I can tell, there are 3 main reasons (excuses) Mrs. Peeps provides as to why this dream cannot be realized:

1: Work. Bah. This is old. Mr. Peeps and I no longer buy into this excuse. Mrs. Peeps has severe work/life balance issues. Her teeter no longer totters. We have two words: Getta life!

2. Oscar. Mrs. Peeps is obsessed with watching all the movies prior to the Academy Awards. Every year we play this game. She doesn't go to any movies throughout the year, then, finally, when the official nominations are announced, she makes a Herculean effort to see every single movie that has been nominated, sometimes two or three movies a day. She is the master of organization and execution (granted, only for the month of February - she could rethink this approach). She tries to justify her efforts by saying how much she likes this approach because she is compelled to see movies she normally wouldn't go to see and sometimes she is pleasantly surprised (last year: Fog of War). Never mind all the abject failures (this year: June Bug). She says she must be adequately prepared for that special evening. This year, the theme of the special evening is *white trash*, and Mrs. Peeps, Ms. Blonde One and Ms. Firefly Knit plan to lounge in curlers and sweat pants and partake of such food items as KD and weiners, cherry coke jello, etc. Planning is in the early stages. But I am happy because this year the locale has reverted back to the Peeps' house. This means that although I have been abandoned on almost every single day and night leading up to the Oscar ceremony, at least I won't be abandoned on the actual night. [It should be noted that Mr. Peeps does not buy this excuse either: he is convinced that Oscar is a person and he - Mr. Peeps, not Oscar - is a cuckold.]

3. Winterlicious. Didja notice the example under number 4 b above... "a meal that was a gourmet's dream". That was tonight's excuse. Mrs. Peeps and Ms. Blonde One made another foray into the Winterlicious world: this time to Lolita's Lust. Today's menu:
- French Martini (vodka, chambord, pineapple juice, lime)
- Roasted beet & grilled green onion salad with tzatiki/balsamic reduction
- Gnocchi with carmelized onion, spinach & tomato basil
- Lemon tart
- 2 glasses of Jackson-Triggs VQA Chardonnay [it's a good thing it's a long ride home otherwise Mrs. Peeps would have been perhaps too tipsy to type!]
Mrs. Peeps was going to torture Ms. Firefly Knit by raving on and on about this meal, and comparing it positively to Canoe. But 'tis inconceivable, no comparison at all. Like comparing a knitter to a Capital K-Knitter. A nice meal, but Mrs. Peeps and Ms. Blonde One were left pondering the rave reviews of this particular establishment. Although tasty, neither was blown away. (This should make Ms. Firefly Knit feel slightly better.)

The bottom line is that for me to achieve my dream, regardless of Mrs. Peep's preference in this matter, I have to eliminate or otherwise eradicate those obstacles that are hindering my success. After today, I am down to only two obstacles, given that Winterlicious is now over. The white trash celebration will occur on March 5th, so time will eliminate another obstacle. So that leaves only the *work* obstacle. This one will be harder, as it is a deeply-seated bad habit that must be broken. At this point I will settle for two out of three. Hmmm. How to get, and keep, Mrs. Peep's attention, that is the question. (Or is that two questions? Oh, nevermind, no need to split hairs!)

Perhaps I will start a blog and make her my posting slave... Oh, wait -- been there, done that! Well, other suggestions are most welcome.


Kelly said...

Koko, every morning I come to work, Mrs. Peeps demands to know if I've read your blog and is deeply offended (on your behalf) if I haven't posted a comment. So here I am, on work time, commenting after today's daily grilling. I can hardly keep up with your expanding blog ego, Kokopuff, but might I say that you're really warming up to the camera lately?

The Blonde One said...

well koko - I have to say that you have no one to blame but yourself. I watched for 4 years as each morning, Mr. Peeps, asked if you would go to work on his behalf. Alas, you always turned tail and sauntered away. Had you take up your responsibility then, perhaps Mrs. Peeps would have more time to spend with you and less time working to keep you in tins of Fancy Feast!
Just a thought.
P.S You are looking particularly photogenic today.