Sunday, February 12, 2006

On (and in) sunbeams

Mrs. Peeps gets pretty excited about sunbeams. Not that I don't understand, but she really does get quite excited. I think it's because she leaves when it's dark out, comes home in the dark, works in a bat cave with no windows, and even when she runs outside to get a coffee, there are so many buildings where she works, you can't actually see the sky (so it can't see you). So I guess it is pretty rare for her.

Sunbeams are pretty rare. Toronto is not known for being a sunny city, not like my former city, Winnipeg, where the sun was blinding. Especially in the winter, the sun and light is beautiful. Cold, very cold, but beautiful. Our apartment, on the tenth floor, is a corner apartment which faces both north and east, so we only get direct sunlight with sunbeams in the morning, through the small bedroom window, and only for about an hour. It first starts on the floor, and then moves to the corner of the bed, and then, after barely enough time for a photo shoot and nap, it's gone.

Today's sunbeam was of a higher quality than yesterday's: intense and warm, albeit brief. I enjoyed it with my little buddy, Yum-Yum. Mrs. Peeps kept disturbing our nap. I must say I am not as impressed with this new camera as she apparently is.


The Blonde One said...

koko - you look very relaxed. I remember those sunbeams as they often disturbed my weekend sleep and were VERY warm in the summer months. Good to see that you aren't licking quite as much.

El Timido said...

We love you koko :)

By the way, your human should send the second photo to ;3

-Mamus :3