Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What's in YOUR cupboard?

I must sincerely apologize to my many fans for my sudden withdrawal from Kokopalooza. I have been busy doing inventory. Some people enjoy spring cleaning. Some people like knitting. (So I'm told.) I like checking out my stuff. It is meditative. It keeps my mind off other things.

Like waiting for Dr. Vet to call. (He finally did but the Peeps were out.) Apparently I am as rare and mysterious as I am beautiful and brilliant. The delay in getting back to my peeps was due to incredulation and subsequent double-checking and triple-checking of the facts. Prior to my visit, Dr. Vet suspected I might have a hyper-thyroid. However, now it turns out that I have a hypo-thyroid, which confounded Dr. Vet and Lab Peeps as this condition is *rare* and *almost unheard of in the cat world* and I do not exhibit any traditional symptoms. What does this mean to me? We don't know. Allegedly controllable by oral medication, assuming I can be tricked or otherwise coerced into taking it! Hah! This is yet another sign from the universe that I am special. I also have some white blood cell count issues, but for those of you that worry about the recurring lump on my paw, nothing to worry about, just something to keep an eye on. Between these two things, my allergy to shots and a the heart murmur, I am apparently falling to bits, although I don't look or feel it!

None of this reveals the mystery of my licking which was the real reason for my visit to Dr. Vet. But the Peeps are going to perservere and talk to him in person in order to procure some tranks for me. My Peeps, gotta love 'em - they're going to hook me up, how great are these bipeds!

Mrs. Peeps has also artfully displayed some kitty shampoo made with oatmeal, tea tree oil, lavender and aloe vera which asserts that it relieves dry, itchy skin and provides soothing relief. She told me that we were going to have a spa day soon...I wonder, then, why I heard her refer to it as the Battle of the Squirming Weasel when she thought I wasn't listening.

Hmm. I think I will retire to my *office* and plan my battle strategy.

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Kelly said...

Koko, don't let those humans of yours pressure you into taking drugs just because all the cool cats are doing it!