Sunday, March 26, 2006


Pronunciation: &-'ban-d&nd
Function: adjective
1 : wholly free from restraint
2 : given up : FORSAKEN
3 : Koko, the needy feline from North York.

Yes, here's me, hanging with ol' reliable Mr. Peeps, because Mrs Peeps, yet again, and surprisingly, has abandoned me.

This time, not only did she forsake me for yet another giggle fest with the Stitch'n' Bitch ladies, but to add insult to injury she spent time with other cats...Guiness and Inca! And she took them my treats to boot in order to win them over manipulate them into liking licking her. (It worked, too -- she came home smelling like a cattery!) Ah well, I can't blame her for her infidelity - I just wish I was able to visit with them, too. I guess I will have to live vicariously through Mrs. Peeps.

Actually, in retrospect, hanging with Mr. Peeps might not be so bad. Afterall, he stays home frequently, likes napping and doesn't dress me up like a puppet...

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Celtic Knitter said...

I like your over-the-shoulder pic! :)