Sunday, March 05, 2006

For Ms. Blonde One...

Although I'm trying very hard
To sound unlike a birthday card,
That's all this is: so you may find it
Full of all that lies behind it
Admiration; friendship too;
And hope that in the future you
Reap even richer revenue.

Philip Larkin

For Ms. Blonde One on the momentous occasion of her (first) 29th birthday.

Happy birthday!

Although I was unable to attend the celebrations last night, I do understand from my proxies, Mr. and Mrs. Peeps, that good food and fun was had by all. (And in some cases, perhaps a little too much fun?)

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The Blonde One said... are too cute! They are lovely pressies that you are laying in front of. Thank Mrs. Peeps for me...they will come in really handy!