Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Peeved pet's pet peeve

Mrs. Peeps.

Need I say more? She abandoned me yet again - with glee I might add. I do not understand how she can have fun without me. Am I not the paragon of fun? How is this possible? She allegedly attended a knitting event, but it appears that very little knitting occurred - not much progress has been made on my hat. [Actually, I am not sure if I feel happy/glad/mad/sad about this!]

I like knitting. I don't knit myself, but I do enjoy supervising knitting.


Celtic Knitter said...

Oh, look at how good you are sitting! Aoife would never sit that nicely when there is yarn around. Usually she casually bats it around . . . and the very quickly grabs it and runs! She doesn't get very far because it is attached to what I am doing.

As I type this she is walking back and forth across my lap and pushing my hands with her face . .. it's hard to type aglirg aerlg lgk iuj grligj ,kg,ng

The Blonde One said...

koko, i am beginning to doubt you. You try, everyday, to tug at my heart strings and feel bad for you when mrs peeps abandons you for other projects. But koko, i am not easily fooled....i see the white tree in the background...i know when this photo was taken. I suspect the actual photo that you have cleverly not posted is of mrs peeps bestowing lavish amounts of affection upon you.

koko puff said...

Actually, sadly Mrs. Peeps had not taken stock of battery availability, so there were no new pictures to be had (battery dead). On the lavish amounts of affection, I remain silent so as not to incriminate myself.

Little Knitter said...

A fun time had by all indeed!
A true shame you couldn't come, but I have a little fishy friend which I fear may have been far too entertaining for you *gulp!*
That and I think Mrs. Peeps would have quite the difficult time getting all of that chocolate out of your fur.