Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Roll out the red carpet

Well, it's not exactly red...nor is it a carpet...but nevertheless I like it: Mrs. Peep's first knitting project is complete. She calls it *scarf*. I call it *comfy*.


Grandma Mr. Peeps said...

Koko: the Oscar Scarf is looking good. I suppose you gave Mrs Peeps a great deal of assistance.

Not An Artist said...

Oooh, pretty scarf Koko! It really suits you, as do all things of course ;)

Little Knitter said...

I would just like to state for the record that Mrs. Peeps first scarf looks much, MUCH better than my first knitted item.
I think she is a truly gifted knitter.
Perhaps, dear Koko, you have passed on your genius for all things onto her?