Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You are cordially invited...

This picture has inspired me. I know that I have many friends out there in the internet ether reading my ramblings on a regular basis, so I was thinking why not stop in for a visit? You are cordially invited to join me for a virtual meeting on my blog. Yes, YOU! Don't look behind you, I'm talking to YOU!

To drop in, send Mrs. Peeps a photo of your beloved cat (or other worshipee, dog, ferret, sock monkey, dust bunny) along with their name and an interesting tidbit or two, and I'll introduce you to everyone else. I'm so excited -- I can't wait to have you all over!

"When you depart from me, sorrow abides, and happiness takes his leave."
- Shakespeare


Celtic Knitter said...

oh, ok. I'll have to do this tomorrow. It's 3am now . . . I'm not sure why I am up but I would be happy to send you a pick. It will be interesting to see

El Timido said...

It is going to be honor to appear on koko's blog! Choosing a photo will be challenging though.

-Mamush :3