Thursday, April 27, 2006

A change of view

It seems a change of view is on my agenda. Actually, two. The first is out my current window. The second is too, but it will be out my NEW window!

About the first. Local Torontonions may have heard about my neck of the woods on the news yesterday; the giant, 10 metre wide sinkhole that mysteriously appeared at Bathurst & Sheppard. This is the official photo as shown on the Pulse 24 web site.

Mrs. Peeps also took some photos of the affected area from the balcony. This isn't where the sinkhole actually is (it's a bit to the right of the photo, but it is where all the water pooled and cascaded off the bridge). It's about 40 hours later, and the water is still pouring off the bridge (although not as much as yesterday). So that's the first change of view!

The second change of view, although not as newsworthy, is far more exciting! We are moving! Yay! Henceforth, your trusty, furry correspondent shall be dispatching her missives from mid-town Toronto, not the north end. The Peeps have located a very suitable new abode, 20 minutes door to door for Mrs. Peeps to get to work (including stopping for coffee!), and it has all the features that they were looking for in a new home, including price point and swanky new neighborhood (and which is conveniently located near Ms. Blonde One, a knitting shop, and some good eateries). The new pad is on the 6th floor, overlooking some lovely trees which are, so I'm told, the preferred perch of many birds. We relocate in July, pending final approval of all the paperwork and other pesky details.

I will miss having TWO balconies, but I am sure I can make do with one, especially since I will theoretically see more of Mrs. Peeps, since she can save all that commuting time. (Of course, she does have that new, double-whammy job, which may have to be factored in; I may still need to hire a substitute blog transcriber, after all...).

I will also miss our neighborhood hawk. He has lived in our ravine for several years now, and although he winters in Mexico (he is a minor celebrity himself, and has been featured in the news on occasion), he returns every spring to soar through the tree tops and play in the wind currents between buildings. Our new area has a park, so maybe we will still see him once in a while. Today is the first day we have seen him this year, and he looks as beautiful and graceful as ever!


The Blonde One said...

koko - you tell Ms Peeps to email me IMMEDIATELY to my yahoo account. Ms Blonde One is excited and wants to know where this location is. She will be home tomorrow....baking a cake. After a wake up call of 4am San Francisco time....ahhh! Kkoko - I'm very excited!

Celtic Knitter said...

That's excellent. I'm curious as to what neighbourhood you are moving into. Moving is both exciting and stressful. I wish you luck!

Anonymous said...

It will probebly be nicer than the occasional move to the VET...

Rugrat and Wren

Yvette said...

Congrats! Hey, try to get a picture of the hawk if possible. I'm sure you'll dig midtown Koko. You're a happenin sort of creature.