Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Urban Chick

Mrs. Peeps bought me a tent for Christmas. I am not sure why as I am not much of a traveller, and I certainly am not a fan of camping. It's not like I'll ever be roughing it. I mean, if I am not brave enough to walk past the elevators in our hallway, how could I possibly be cut out for the great outdoors, tent or no tent? Who knows what terrors (and, probably more important, inconveniences -- like the wind mussing my fur and sand in my toes) await an urban cat outside these trusted walls? Just thinking about it makes me afraid. Nope, nosiree, a tent is just not for me.

I hope my buddy Skitter is enjoying her new tent...hopefully she is a more adventurous soul than this urban chick.

Call me tent-free, pampered, and loving it!


Kelly said...

Now we know where to put you when you need a time out!

The blonde one said...

i love it! a cat tent! who knew. this is fantastic. a whole new world awaits you koko.