Friday, May 05, 2006

Fleece Artist 'n' Me

I didn't think I would enjoy her new hobby so much, but Mrs. Peeps does have very good taste in yarn. I may be ambivalent about knitting, but I sure like yarn! My favourite yarn is by Fleece Artist. This lovely blue yarn is hand-dyed curly kid mohair, compliments of Knaughty Knitter. Mrs. Peeps tells me that the yarn called to her and they spoke of it's future.

I have also found Fleece Artist yarn to be incredibly comfy and high supportive of mid-morning naps. (Especially this white mohair, destined to be a Goldilocks Shawl.) Mrs. Peeps and I have found this particular arrangement to be mutually beneficial as it does not interfere with either her knitting or my napping.

Win-win, as they say!

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Celtic Knitter said...

Well, apparently fleece is very popular in Canada now. There are 2 artists that I saw this morning who are designing a huge fleece sweater to cover a building . . . they will represent Canada at an arts event.