Monday, May 29, 2006

Hot and cranky

Ah, Toronto in the summer: construction, 39 degrees in the smog, bumper to bumper traffic and an illegal TTC strike. It almost makes me nostalgic for Winnipeg.

Almost. I'm not so old that my memory has gone completely and banished all recollection of the provincial bird (mosquitos). Or the cold. A dry cold, but brrr-cold nonetheless.

Not that any of the above affects me directly, except that my peeps get a little cranky.


a2o2 said...

You groggy face :) You are so cute!

The Blonde One said...

having recently returned from winnipeg, where it was a nice and balmy 20C with virtually no traffic (in comparison to winnipeg), i can highly recommend it.

koko puff said...

Yeah, nice try lady. Didn't you just get off the phone with Mrs. Peeps where you were complaining about a canker worm infestation, and how the trees were stripped bare? And how it was lucky that you narrowly missed mosquito season, but wasn't it unfortunate that you would be heading back to Gimli (near Winnipeg), home of the fish flies?!? Yep, you can't take this conversation back -- and you can't make me go back to Winnipeg!

(PS. You're not allowed to move there either, so don't get any crazy ideas.)