Monday, May 01, 2006

Is there no end to my shame?

Well, it looks like I spoke a bit too soon about preferring beading and cross-stitch to knitting. It appears there is no end to my shame, for even when Mrs. Peeps works late, she still finds some way to mock me and reveal my indignities to the world. At this point, my only sense of relief is ... well, actually, I have none.

If you look closely you may be able to see my tattoo proclaiming my alternate identity "EW37". Aren't I, like, the coolest cat ever?


a2o2 said...

Koko I want to see your Norma pose with this necklace! That would make a great poster!


Celtic Knitter said...

Definately one of the coolest. I'm biassed . . . I think Aoife is the coolest. Sorry :(

What tattoo?

The blonde one said...

you have to admit koko - it's some pretty decent bling.

Kelly said...

Are you ready for your close up?