Friday, May 12, 2006

A special message for my peeps

'Tis my peepses 16th anniversary! Happy anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Peeps! May you have many more years together (for my sake at least, because it's all about me, you know, and a custodial arrangement would be such an inconvenience).

I suspect, however, that if Mrs. Peeps and I keep snarfing Mr. Peeps' Blueberry Filled Butter Cookies from Caban, that there will be hell to pay and a divorce forthcoming forthwith.


Celtic Knitter said...

Wow! 16 years! Congratulations!! I wish you all the best.
For some reason I was thinking that you were fairly newly married.

El Timido said...

Happy 16th Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Peeps! I wish you two Happy and Healthy many years together... Watch out the Cookies from Caban though ;)

P.S. Any surprises for The Peeps Koko?