Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cherchez la femme!

I have found Mrs. Peeps! She has resurfaced at long last. (Thankfully, because Mr. Peeps ain't so good with routine matters...can someone please remind him that cats have seven times the sense of smell as humans, therefore a visit to a small confined space -- to which I shall only obliquely refer -- in humid weather is not the most pleasant of experiences!)

Mrs. Peeps has offered the longest list of excuses EVER for her absence! I'm not sure that I buy any of them, even combined, but never mind, I share them with you all the same.

1. A trek to the mysterious place where OSAP lives. I have heard this strange word for many years. I had no idea it also involved Sleeping Giants and "Persians". It is now much more clear why Mrs. Peeps was pretty excited by her visit to 189 Red River Road, Thunder Bay.

2. Her new job. Whatever. Boo hoo. Poor her. Could be worse. She could be a corn detassler, cotton candy maker, or a pickle factory worker. Mr. Peeps and I find the work excuse a little old as Mrs. Peeps has always had work-life-balance issues.

3. An Installation, a Convocation and a Celebration (aka the "Clink 'n' Drink" - Mrs. Peeps was too tired to talk much by the end of the day, so it was down to basics by that point). June 1st was a jam-packed day; I wish I hadn't missed it! I heard that the events were all spectacular and the food was absolutely fabulous (foie gras and mimosas, a winning combination). [Sneaky back stage picture of part of the hat.]

4. Power shopping. Every once in a while, Mrs. Peeps has to let her girly side out. This occasionally results in a pedicure, but more often than not, involves Mrs. Peeps and Ms. Blonde One venturing out to brunch and giggly adventures, such as bottling wine, making crafty things , going to the movies, or shopping. Today's venture involved the following four dees: drinking and dining, dashing between the raindrops, and dropping a bucket o' cash on a) Ms. Blonde One's first couch and chair! and b) some stylish new clothes for Mrs. Peeps (not pictured; these items were the perfunctory purchases which were the original intent of the foray to the store in question).

5. Stripping...the walls. Of pictures. If you have seen the Peepses house, you know this is no small feat. The house has been de-frocked: time to move! The countdown is on.

So, if you believe any or all of the above, this is why there have been gaps in the blog. It's not that Mrs. Peeps is no longer interested in me or the blog, au contraire mon frere! She has promised to find a way to update the blog during her trip out west next week. Let's see if she delivers on this promise or if she is developing a nasty habit of over-promising and under-delivering.

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The Blonde One said...

what a lovely couch you have in your blog koko. i'm sure it is going to a very nice home. unfortunately, you won't be invited to sit on it (although mrs peeps will) for 2 reasons:
1. You are a cat with dander
2. You like to scratch things