Friday, June 09, 2006

Mrs. Peeps's Torture, continued

Since Blogger now seems to be cooperating, I can offer you additional proof of Ms. Blonde One's endless torture. The Granville Public Market featured surprisingly festive pasta, scrumptious desserts and very ripe fruit.

The Granville Island Brewery provided plentious lubricant for Ms. Blonde One's evil plan.

The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts provided plenty of temptation, but out of deference to Ms. Peguin Lover, the lubricated ladies gambolled along, resisting the urge to munch on a penguin pastry or any of his neighbours. Unbeknownst to Ms. Blonde One, they were headed in the wrong direction, all part of Mrs. Peeps's plan to escape her clutches.

Can you believe it doesn't end here? Me neither! But I needed to take a wee break from Mrs. Peeps's tragic tale, which shall continue. Day two of the hostage situation is only half over and Mrs. Peeps's nightmare has barely begun...


Kelly said...

This is just plain cruel.

BOB said...

If this is Hell, sign me up!