Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stalking Tony Bourdain

Tables were turned on Ms. Blonde One this evening, as Mrs. Peeps tortured her with a little stalking activity. Serendipity, or careful manipulative planning, it just so happened that Mrs. Peeps and Ms. Blonde One were walking by the Yale Hotel, just around the time that Anthony Bourdain was finishing taping a CBC Radio interview before a live, private audience...The gals hung for a while on the corner trying to look cool but definitely not fitting in with the locals while they waited for an opportunity to espy Mr. Bourdain. Mrs. Peeps did spot the Kitchen Geek. Sadly, the only glimpse Mrs. Peeps caught of Mr. Bourdain was from about 10 feet away from the back of him as he sat at a table signing books for a very long eager line of peeps. Even more sadly, for Ms. Blonde One anyway, more stalking activities are planned for tomorrow morning...

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