Friday, August 25, 2006

Party Like It's Mexico! Ole!

It's Friday and if luck is with me, Mrs. Peeps will return to la hacienda at a decent hour tonight. I am tiring of Mr. Peeps and he is tiring of me, I am sure. We're feeling restless and festive - it's time for a fiesta! Bring on the guacamole, margeritas and sombreros: we're going all out!

I think someone started the party already...This is a side of Ms. Firefly Knit most people don't usually see! Whoo-hoo! Ole!

Note: Pointy sticks are strictly prohibited at this evening's festivities as we don't want yet another tipsy tinking experience, therefore there will be NO posts on knitting this weekend.


The Blonde One said...

koko - are you having a fiesta party without me? That's it! No cake for you!

Not An Artist said...

Yeah, I'm on to you alright. Ms Blonde one tipped me off, I know you're trying to use us both for our cake ;). And now you're fiesta-ing without us?

Kelly said...

People! I like cake! I like more than one cake! Let me eat cake!

While we're on cake, it has been brought to my attention that I have been remiss in congratulating Ms. Blonde One on her fabulous cake decorating skills. I am truly sorry. The wedding cake you made for your sister was really nicely done and I bet she was very happy with it. I've even heard about your secret icing trick and I'm impressed and I support the idea of you starting a cake blog. Do it!

P.S. Koko, you rule.

sar said...

Ok...I'm confused... one of my boyz - Smokey - appears here! Is he lost?

koko puff said...

Hi sar, I didn't want to get him in trouble, BUT since you were out of town and he was feeling festive, he did join the fiesta! Look, he brought his own sombrero, Ole!