Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dark Willow, Drusilla and Darla

I think Mrs. Peeps, Ms. Not an Artist and Ms. Firefly Knit were up to no good today. I am sure you agree this is not a picture of innocence. Notice the pinky? Villains ALWAYS pretend to be civilized.

The ladies enjoyed high tea at the Knit Cafe whilst allegedly celebrating Ms. Firefly Knit's upcoming birthday. I am always suspicious when yarn is involved, and clearly that was in abundance. (You have seen my hat, right?) I also snuck a peek at Mrs. Peep's camera and espied this picture of yarn in alarming Christmas colours.

I fear the worst.

[BTW - Dark Willow, Drusilla, Darla: a trio of villainesses from Buffy the Vampire Slayer]


Kelly said...

High tea with yarn and birthday presents is great!

Koko, be very afraid.

Not An Artist said...

Evil, I tells ya.