Thursday, October 19, 2006

Weekend Non-Plans

What are my plans for the weekend? Thanks for asking. What I won't be doing is:

1) Spending more hours than I can count in a car.
2) Frolicking in Rhinebeck, New York.
3) Maxing out my Visa card.
4) Fondling my new-found yarn (aka crack) stash.
5) Coming home smelling of sheep.

What I will be doing is hanging out in Lonelyville until Mrs. Peeps returns on Sunday night from the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York ...


Yvette said...

Look on the bright side. At least she can't put anything on your head if she's not in town.

Kelly said...

I think you should demand a Kitty Pi for compensation. I'll see what I can do from my end.

a2o2 said...

Have fun everyone! :)

Not An Artist said...



The Blonde One said...

koko - I just took a look at the distance to Rhinebeck. 7 hours?!?! Thank goodness Mrs. peeps left you at home. You can always come and visit me.