Thursday, December 28, 2006

Festive Update

I am sure you will agree that holidays are exhausting, but I will persevere and try to hold my head up long enough to provide a festive update.

I mentioned in a previous post that Mrs. Peeps was busy wrapping. Apparently she wasn't the only one! She and her office mates kicked off the "Season of Santa" on Thursday, December 21st. I wish I could convey the extensive oohing and aaahing that accompanied this activity. Especially when Mr. Zach opened his "special" presents: Reece's Pieces Lip Balm and a studio photo from Star Wars signed by Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. You have no idea how special this was until you view this photo from Halloween. Oooh indeed!

Christmas Eve was spent at the "Amberson's" (Ms. Blonde One and BOB). I wasn't invited, even though I was available and would gladly have graced them with my presence. That's ok, I'm not a big fan of the veggies! I might have enjoyed tucking into the tourtiere (just barely in evidence in the photo), but never mind. I hope Ms. Blonde One remembers that I am good at holding a grudge! (For my non-Canadian readers, tourtiere is a traditional French-Canadian dish for a Christmas Eve meal. It is a double-crusted meat pie with a ground pork/veal/beef, onion and spice filling -- or some variation thereof. I'm told, as I wouldn't know this first hand, ahem, that Ms. Blonde One's tourtiere was very yummy. Hiss.)

The festivities continued on Monday with Christmas dinner at the Windsor Arms. The Peeps had a good time. I had a nap. I know, shocking but true. I think I would have liked this dinner, especially the tea smoked quail, although I might have passed on the roasted persimmon, celery root and pomegranate reduction. Honestly, what self-respecting feline would dare to be seen in public ingesting this cuisine?

Interesting Christmas tidbit (other than the food) a roomful of lawyer/accountant suit types, the Peeps had the pleasure of being seated beside a very interesting couple: a well known fine art photographer (Jane Hinton) with ties to OCAD and historian/novelist/poet David F. Stevenson. Jane did a drawing of Mrs. Peeps in her sketchbook and then took a photo of the Peeps in the lobby. They now own a "Hinton"!

Again, with the snubbing. Boxing day evening was spent (by everyone but me) with good friends and felines: Buddy, Gerry, Laurie, Geoffrey, Fluffy and Marbles. Mrs. Peeps played kitty paparazzo to Marbles who tried, but failed, to hide under the Christmas tree. I know her pain.

Mrs. Peeps tell me that my post is actually quite incomplete. But I must nap. More later.

I hope ya'all are having a good holiday and getting in some good naps!

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Kelly said...

Koko, those freaky red eyes and that sour look do nothing to improve your already shaky reputation. As Borat would say, "Listen pussycat, smile a bit". ;p