Sunday, May 06, 2007

Surveying the New Stash

Mrs. Peeps has a sickness: Yarnomia. She acquired 130+ balls of yarn yesterday. Yes, you read that correctly ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY PLUS balls of yarn. She talks to them and refers to them as her "new friends". She must be stopped and/or at least helped. If any of my readers are familiar with this affliction and -- more importantly -- its cure, please do let me know!

Surveying the (new) Stash

I suspect that many of my readers are not only familiar with Yarnomia, but they also suffer from it themselves and were in fact the source of Mrs. Peeps' particularly vicious strain. For them who have not been cured, I give you the chance to live vicariously through Mrs. Peeps, thereby hopefully slowing down its rapid progress in yourselves:

Stash Enhancement May 5


Yvette said...

Wow! WHAT is the stuff in the drawer and where did you get it? I love it. Cough, cough, must have....

Kelly said...

I give up!

koko puff said...

Oh, c'mon Kelly, were you ever REALLY trying?!? This is all your fault you know -- it's because of you that I started knitting!

Yvette, the stuff in the drawer is documented in pictures 4 and 5 in the mosiac...if you go to the Flickr image and then click on each image separately, all the details are there! Some nice stuff, eh?

Little Knitter said...

ahem.. uhh.. me? did I encourage that? a little maybe??
Perhaps I got away with a little with my 54 balls of yarn. Whoopsie.

We sure made out like bandits though!!

The Blonde One said...

Koko - on a non-yarn note....your colouring is beautiful in the photo!

CoralPoetry said...


Lovely Siamese.

Cat thinks: I'm taking bets how long that stash will last?