Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Clap Unveiled

Meet the Clapotis. A lovely scarf or wrap when knit by intelligent knitters who understand yarn, can read (and follow) clever patterns, exhibit common sense and who do not knit under the influence (of wine, anger, Alias Season 5, or other highly distractingly anti-knitterly influences).

Bad things happen under the influence(s). All of a sudden, a scarf of modest length (5 feet) can become a thing of ginormous proportions (10 feet and still stretching). The clapotis morphs - into a "clapoghan", a "clapotwo" - click here for a view of this variation, a "clapothing", a "clapoteehee"...really the potential for bad clap jokes is quite endless.

Did you know that knitters are the smartest and most adaptable folks and can find a practical use for anything? Presenting quite possibly the world's only "clapotet" version of the clapotis - a shawl for four, designed especially for those chilly social drunken knitting evenings.

Clap-o-ghan - Front

Clap-o-ghan - Back

Thanks to all the nice knitters at Lettuce Knit tonight who helped put a positive spin on this knitting disaster, I mean, interpretation! Thanks to Kate Gilbert for designing such a clever pattern (which sadly, was not completely idiot-proof, but that's all on the part of the knitter not the designer)! Thanks to The Framing Post Yarn Store in Campbell River on Vancouver Island for the lovely yarn (Evita by Zitron, colour 920 by the way), and to Marguerite (aka The Blonde One's mom) for driving me up there - twice - to buy it!


Yvette said...

O my! It seems to have grown since this morning! Perhaps all of you chez Koko should sleep with one eye open.
It's alive!

Kelly said...

You've got a bad case of the Clap!