Monday, October 08, 2007



I'm thankful for: warm sunbeams, Fancy Feast, windowsills, things to climb under, clean litter, birds, treat-treats, pillows, my peeps, things to climb in, pizza, yarn and things made of yarn, cooing pigeons, little critters, Ducky, blankets, having a view, flannel sheets, nachos, anything made of flour (cake, bread, donuts, crackers), things to climb on, Snuffy, olives, leftover cereal milk, friends who visit. Did I mention sunbeams? I love the sunbeams. Also, I am thankful for being age 13, healthy, smarter than my walnut-sized brain would imply, loved beyond all rational description, and downright photogenic (if I do say so myself).

Happy Thanksgiving!


Little Knitter said...

Plastic - Koko you are also thankful for plastic to nibble

Yvette said...

Lovely post.
Yes, I'd love to take you to Madeleine's for tea. it's been one of my favourite places for years and I don't get there as often as I'd like.