Friday, November 02, 2007

If It's Good Enough For Argentine Wildcats...

Well, no news of the big cats just yet. But this long wait on the next scintillating post from Ms. Blonde One IS making me a tad peckish. Especially after her last post: I thought the penguins looked quite yummy, possibly sweet and oreo-flavoured. While I was surprised that the Congo Cookbook didn't offer any penguin recipes, given their exhaustive ingredients list which includes, disturbingly, both "cat" and "Koko", I was most pleased to stumble upon this web site which features the absolutely delectable sounding dish "Tangy Tawdry Penguin Tart", which comes highly recommended by the Argentine wildcats. If it's good enough for the Argentine wildcats, it's good enough for me -- especially while I await news of the African cats! Bon appetit!

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