Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Call in the army! There is a mountain of snow outside - pretty, fluffy, still white, blanketing the city and making it look all clean and pretty...

Luckily, it's nice and warm inside, and we spent a cozy day at home watching cheesy Christmas flicks, knitting Christmas gifts, sewing Christmas ornaments and baking Christmas cookies. My use of the word "we" in this sentence is quite loose, since the "I" part of the "we" actually spent the day napping on the nice warm heater, dreaming of chasing white fluffy bunnies through glittering snowbanks.

It was a perfect ending to a busy week of Christmas parties - Saturday (Sean's annual Festivas party), Wednesday (OCAD party at the Rivoli) and Friday (OPSEU party at the Lone Star) nights, plus all sorts of social engagements squeezed in (Umbra sale/lunch at Fare/shopping at the Purple Purl/coffee at Starbucks last Saturday with Angie/Serena/Trish; special lunch at Midi with Terri; Xmas lunch with Kelly and Tim at Trimurti; staff lunch/gift exchange on Friday with the gals and Zach; Drunken Knitting on Friday after the party at the Spotted Dick with Yvette and Michelle and the rest of the gang; dinner at El Rincon last night with Sean and Reg. Of course, I heard about all this second hand; I live vicariously through my peeps. Regardless, it's starting to feel like Christmas!

Snowman Ornament (Mother)

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