Friday, January 04, 2008

Time flies when you're knitting

You may have noticed over the past year or so an increasing number of posts about yarn which mysteriously makes its way into our home. Here's proof that it does actually get knit into things, though not anywhere near as quickly as it is acquired. (Or unknit -- tinked -- as the case may be, such as in the unfortunate Sea Silk Lace Wings Shawl incident in July 2007...)

More photos from the 2007 knitting gallery can be found here.

Knitting 2007

1. Devon's Toque, 2. Baby Sweater 1, 3. Flower Washcloth, 4. Noro Hat, 5. Baby Poncho View 2, 6. Too Dye For Wavy Scarf 2, 7. Pink Ribbon Shell, 8. Sea Silk Rewound 2, 9. Clapotis for Two, 10. Handpainted Silk Mittens by Sweaterkits, 11. Rocketry 1, 12. Sleeveless Shell and Scarf 6, 13. Shape it Scarf, 14. Wavy Scarf, 15. Lopi Jacket Side, 16. Skinny Scarf 1, 17. Koko's Xmas Tree Hat 6, 18. Lorne models his new hat and scarf, 19. Mittens for Vanessa, 20. Edgar 1


Kelly said...

The Clapoghan should definitely win project of the year!

The Blonde One said...

Yes - with the clapoghan, you can ensure that all of your houseguests are warm.