Saturday, June 07, 2008

All about moi

Home at last, alive

I don't usually do Meme's but I saw this one on Cosmicpluto's and Knitter Gal's blogs and liked it. So here we go!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was really pleased to see that others are a little vague about this! I have been getting worried that I can't remember huge chunks of my life without a little prompting!

Here's what I do recall about 1998:

  • I took my first and hopefully last plane ride! My peeps had moved from Winnipeg to Toronto in September 1997 but I went to live with my grandma until my peeps found a place to live and came for me after Christmas. I had gained a little weight at my grandma's since she fed me a lot of treats! But despite my rotundity, I was still able to fit in the airline approved carry-bag and under the seat in the cabin, where I cowered in utter silence for the entire trip. I don't want to tell you about going through security! So that's how 1998 started.
  • We lived in a lovely little basement apartment on Kirknewton Road near Dufferin and Eglinton. I had an up-close and personal view of the landlady's beautiful and very lovingly tended garden. She listened to Portuguese opera VERY LOUDLY every Saturday, not my favourite music, but she made the most fantastic caramel custard flan for us every Christmas and kept the apartment in beautiful shape, so all was forgiven.
  • We usually spent our Saturdays with our close friends Buddy and Gerry who lived nearby -- every Saturday was a ritual where they all headed to a local diner for breakfast, then a short walk to the Coats and Patons factory outlet (sadly long gone but a veritable treasure) near Castlefield and Fairbank, followed by more exploring in the neighborhood, usually along Caledonia or Dufferin. I didn't join them for this part, but they'd come back to the house and spend the day hanging around with me, drinking peach wine, having lunch, poking through the treasures they'd picked up, and generally having a good day together, capped with a wonderful meal at one or other's house. I miss those days! Everything changed when Gerry started working the Saturday shift at work and we moved north to a bigger apartment at Bathurst and Sheppard.
2. What are five things on my to-do list today?

Same thing as every day: a busy day of napping, purring, snacking, bird-watching, repeat.

Today is actually the first day in about a million years that both my peeps are home together on a Saturday and I hear they have planned cleaning and other nasty things like window washing, so I really hope it doesn't interfere with my busy agenda. Or I will make them pay...I can get quite bitey about these things, especially when I am not getting enough beauty sleep!

3. Snacks I love.

In our house it is anything that starts with the letter "C" - cheese, chips, cupcakes, chocolate, crackers and coffee. That last one's not mine, but I concur with all the rest. I am particularly fond of corn chips, chicken and cupcakes with icing (although will substitute Twinkies in a pinch)!

Who are we kidding? We are quite partial to all food which starts with any letter of the alphabet. Today appears to be a "P" day - pear pancakes for breakfast and later a prosciutto and parmesan sandwich for lunch!

4. If I were a billionaire.

I'd definitely invest in research - how to extend the life of kitties, and failing that, kitty-cloning.

I suspect however, that there'd be plenty of the billion leftover to share with my peeps, and I have no doubts that my Mrs. Peeps would travel and acquire more yarn and probably both at the same time. Hopefully there'd also be lots more knitting time, which I also enjoy since this is something we can do together!

And we'd of course share some with Mr. Peeps (time and/or money and/or travel), and with our friends and family, and we'd donate some to our favourite charities - medical, education, culture, animals.

5. Places I've lived.

  • Born and lived in Winnipeg until 1998 (3 apartment, 1 townhouse).
  • Toronto from 1998 to present (3 apartments).
My peeps both have lived in many more places in Canada -- my Mrs. Peeps in every province from Quebec west to British Columbia, and my Mr. Peeps in several cities in Ontario and Winnipeg, of course!

That's it. Moi in a nutshell.


Kelly said...

Hey, can you send the Peeps over to wash my windows? Much appreciated!

Kristina said...

Curious to know, were we separated at birth? In 1998 I lived in a cute little apartment at Eglinton/Marlee and used to shop at Eglinton/Dufferin. And now we are neighbours again! Hmm. :-)