Sunday, June 29, 2008

What do golf, grilled cheese and good health have in common? You guessed it! Me!

I'm sorry. I've been busy. I know, I know, it's become a sad refrain in my life, but I really don't have any other reason for not blogging! I know you are all clamouring for an update of my charmed life, so here we go!

First things first. I've got a new buddy who fits my lifestyle perfectly. This is Mrs Peep's dad, who has come for a visit. Although this is quite an old picture, since Mrs Peeps usually finds a chair more comfortable than people these days (and, quite frankly, vice versa), my new buddy can often be seen in this position watching golf. It's a perfect position for a wee cat to lounge in, especially as he has a penchant for wearing black which is the perfect backdrop for siamese colouring. By pure chance or cosmic foresight, we have the golf channel...


So besides hanging with my new buddy, I have been busy going to the vet. I'm not the biggest fan as I am sure you can imagine. My Peeps were worried about me because I had lost some weight, going from 9.2 lbs to 7.4 lbs. That may not sound like a lot, but on my frame it pretty much makes me all bone, organs and fur and little else! (The "little else" here being the walnut rattling around in my head...) I have developed the unfortunate nickname of "Skinny Minny".

So how did I lose 19.6% of my body weight? Well, there was some concern about this; the usual suspects were considered and happily ruled out (hyper-thyroidism, kitty diabetes, kidney issues), but in the end, I attribute it to being busy, a touch of attitudinal bulimia, and an active lifestyle which includes long periods of power-purring. And, I have a weight-loss trick. Once upon a time I heard a story about a certain well-known ballerina who was obsessed with her weight and instead of eating food would fill up on toilet paper...not a bad plan, but since toilet paper can leave little unattractive bits on your tongue, I prefer paper and plastic for the crunch and texture! (Plastic! It's fantastic!) The vet has no further insight into the mystery of me, so we're going with my interpretation.

Despite my best efforts to keep my super-svelte form, I have been gaining a wee bit of weight since I starting visiting the vet. Unless fear of travel is fattening, this may have something to do with my penchant for wanting my Peeps to share absolutely everything they may be eating with me, as witnessed by a recent grilled cheese showdown with Mr Peeps. This is a man who eats with both eyes open and on his food, a fairly successful defensive eating tactic. (That, and eat fast -- skip the chewing and swallow!)

Mmmm! Grilled Cheese...

So, bottom line: rest assured, I am fine. The picture of perfect health and my continued own special brand of red-eyed, plastic loving, quirky.

Shaved paw

Thanks for caring!


KnitNana said...

This isn't the first time I've heard of a Siamese loving plastic...It's NOT healthy, Koko!
Glad you've slimmed if I can get The Meezer to do a bit of it (without the plastic advice...!)

The Blonde One said...

Oh koko! I am so glad that the thinnification is coming to an end. That's so Hollywood 5 months ago.