Sunday, July 20, 2008

Left behind.

Left Behind

The story of my life. Left behind...again. Not only did my buddy from Nanaimo leave me, but my one peep is going on a trip to Calgary and Edmonton, leaving tomorrow for a week. My other peep is none too happy about this. He's not the only one. She's been gone alot lately! It is too quiet without her, and to be honest, I've got needs that one person alone cannot meet! And I hear she won't even be taking her laptop and has left strict instructions for intervention if she tries to check her email on a stolen or borrowed computer! (We'll see how that goes...)

So with her being gone, it's going to be all quiet on the Koko-front. Don't cry. I'll be back!


Kelly said...

Take your revenge on the couch, Koko!

The Meezer said...

You could leave her little pressies in her shoes!
I hate it when my Mommie leaves me behind...but I hate the cat carrier worse.