Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not Invited / Winter Wonderland

Once upon a time there was a Little Blonde Girl. She lived with the Peeps and me. She met a boy. It was crazy love. They decided to get married. A party was held. I was not invited. I know. I couldn't believe it either.

Not Invited

Scene 1. Cookies.


Yes. Many cookies. Thanks to the tips contained in "Cookie Craft", a decently edible batch of rolled sugar cookies were baked and ready for decoration the night before by the Mrs Peep and the Wee One. Royal icing was made. Mr Peeps helped. Cookies were piped, flooded and sprinkled. The house was flooded with sprinkles. The Wee One had an unnatural adventure with icing. It was late. Yes, that's the story we're going with...

So wrong; Angie does icing

Scene 2: Setting the Stage

The theme: Alice in Winter Wonderland. Mad Hatter Tea Party. The Little Blonde Girl met her Boy at a Halloween Party several years ago; she was dressed as Alice, her favourite character. (He was dressed as a troll. Luckily we don't have to plan THAT party!) They're having a winter wedding. We like hats. And tea parties. And any excuse for tiny cakes. And there you have it.

The decorating brigade moves in in the early hours.


Crocheted flowers are put out, including special marguerites in honour of the Marguerite who couldn't come. Pompoms are made.

Last minute pompoms


Lights are strung. Hearts are hung. Garlands are...also hung and strung. Drink Me ornaments are filled and hung from the tree.

Window decor

Gifts under the "Drink Me" Tree

Little Blonde Girl's favourite foods - mashed potatoes with all the fixings, mini quiches, butternut squash soup, Caesar salad, nachos and salsa and con queso, crackers and artichoke and red pepper dip, scones, lemon bundt cakes, cookies - are made and put out, tempting, tantalizing morsels calling to wee kitty cats to come and test them. (PS. The bacon bits were delicious!)


The wine (St.Urban Riesling from Vineland Estates) is chilling, the liqueurs are set out, the punch is mixed, the tea pots are filled. Finally the party is ready!

Ready, set...

Koko's Feast

Scene 3: The Winter Wonderland/Mad Hatter Tea Party

Ahem. This was where I made my ignoble exit. This may have had something to do with the bacon bits debacle mentioned above. Or possibly memories of other parties with tragic endings...

But I have evidence that people came, in hats. But getting them all in the room and the picture at the same time was very much like herding cats.

Alice and the Mad Hatters

From my dungeon yonder I heard much merriment, a quiz about the Boy (the Blonde One has some homework to do -- she came close but no cigar on many of the questions!), a whole lot of squealing and some very funny haiku. (That deserves its own post.)

And, since I wasn't allowed to attend the party myself, I allowed the Wee One to borrow my new hat.

Koko's Annual Christmas Hat Debut

The Cat has a Hat,
And the Cat's Hat has a Hat;
Hat not on the Cat.
(Thank goodness)

All this to say, many happy wishes to Amber and Matthew...may you always love each other more...

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