Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bird, bird, bird!

Look deep into my eyes.

Spring has sprung! The birds are coming back! My view from the window is again populated with my flying feathered friends.

And speaking of friends, this weekend Angie came to visit and we went to visit Pluto. Not the planet, of course, the bird!

Angie & Pluto

This beautiful lovebird is Pluto Waxberg. He lives at Knit-o-matic on Bathurst Street. I don't understand bird all that well, but I think here he is telling us what a beautiful day it is, how lucky he feels to live in a yarn store (especially since Belle came to live with him), and how glad he is we came to visit!

Welcome spring! Bird, bird, bird!

1 comment:

Sunny said...

I loved the video of Pluto!!!! I wish I lived in a yarn store :)
We always look forward to Koko's day.