Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In which Koko attends a wedding.

When Amber and Matthew got married in January, I was devastated not to receive an invite for the wedding at the Arts & Letters Club. Now I wasn't expecting to take on a special role like ring beast or flower puss or anything, but I did think that my presence would be considered a bridal requirement...I knew there must be a simple reason for the omission; possibly the frugal bride did not want to spring for the extra invitation for a pint sized guest, or it was lost in the mail, or simply, when you're good friends it goes without saying. So I donned my best skinny scarf to ward off the chill (Lorna's Laces Angel Multi in colour #204 Envy), and dropped in to say "hey".

The unexpected pint-sized guest.

I think I interrupted something, but they sure look happy to see me!

So happy you made it!

Hmmm. They're in Hawaii this week for their honeymoon. Now I didn't get an invitation to that either, but I wonder if I should drop by and say "aloha".


Yvette said...

Koko! Have you been at the PhotoShop again?

lucianap said...

Koko dearest,
They haven't invited you cuz you'd certainly be the centre of all attentions and you'd steal their thunder. You wouldn't want to do that to such a lovely bride, would you?

The Blonde One said...

Koko - I'm sorry that you didn't receieve your invite to the wedding or honeymoon. I, of course, was so devestated to not receive an affirmative reply, that I did not follow up to confirm that you invite had indeed been received.

On that note, I shall take lots of photos of the pretty birds you are missing in Hawaii.