Monday, June 01, 2009

Celebration Time

You may be wondering why there has not been so much blogging of late...well, in addition to all the usual excuses, there was a milestone birthday to be celebrated.

Birthday Cake (by Amber) May 2009
(Birthday cake by Amber)

Oh, and celebrated it was.

Celebration time at Vineland Estates
(Shannon and Kelly celebrate Thelma-and-Louise-in-Sideways style at Vinelands Estates)

When I recover, perhaps I will have the energy to tell you all about it!

Many, many thanks to everyone who made this special birthday so, well, special, by coming to one (or more) of the parties, or by sending best wishes in one form or another:

Adam, Alessandra, Amber, Andrea B, Andrea S, Angie, Antonella, Benny, Brenda, Brent, Bryn, Buddy, Cathy, Chook, Chris, Christine, Connie, Cristina, Dad, Debi, Deborah, Diana, Elayne, Elisabeth, Floppy P, Francis, Gerry C, Gerry K, Gillian, Haley, Hillary, Jane N, Jane TY, Jennifer, Jessica, Josephine, Karen, Kelly, Koko, Lance, Laura, Leslie, Lisa, Lorne, Luciana, Marguerite, Marlene, Matthew, Mauro, Michael, Michelle, Mom, Morley, Nadia, Natalie, Nicky, Paola, Pat, Peter, Ralph, Rebecca, Regina, Robert, Rory, Sarah M, Sarah Mc, Sean, Shannon, Susan, Susanne, Tania, Terri, Tim, Tom, Tracy, Vanessa, Vilma, Walter, Weldon, Yvette, Zack...


The Blonde One said...

Thems there is a nice cake.

Puppy said...

It IS an nice cake!