Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cat + Yarn

Apparently Koko has been feeling a little left out lately, and chose to assert herself over yarn yesterday. After a not-so-brief jaunt to Mississauga to the Dye-Version studio open house, we came back with a few skeins of bamboo. Koko got right in there to help with the winding of the yarn. There's something alluring about this yarn - she just can't stay away! All afternoon she kept coming back to sit on it, look at it, sniff it. Too bad it's not mine - she'll be distraught when she finally realizes it has gone home with its owner!

Still Life with Yarn

The Table is Set

Purple Yarn + Happy Cat


The Blonde One said...

Koko is one with the yarn.

Yvette said...

Koko is looking positively chubby. For Koko anyway. I can hear her purring from here.

lilliputianme said...

What can we say? she is a kitty with EXCELLENT taste. Quite discerning if I do say so. Someone has exposed her to only best, and now she will only accept the same!

Julie said...

haha, that's hilarious! She looks so peaceful.

KnitNana said...

That's one contented kitty!
Better buy her some of her own...