Thursday, January 28, 2010

Craft Ventures

A couple of weeks ago I had a few extra naked cookies in the freezer, so I finally got around to dressing them up. I was just fooling around after work and wasn't terribly motivated to make many icing colours, so I just did some basic white flood and then added black, white and silver detail the next night. Mostly I just wanted to try out some new techniques and decorations while at the same time making the cookies edible! Unfortuantely my piping icing was just a tad too runny, so I didn't get the results I was hoping for; better luck next time!

Black & White Cookies

One of the cookies I made features the portrait of Floppy Puppy of FP Wear.

FP Wear Cookie

My friend Shannon is the creator of FP Wear, and she is a very talented, creative and fearless person (amongst many other fine qualities). On a very long, cold road trip to the netherregions of Manitoba many moons ago in the dead of winter, she inspired me to return to my dormant crafty roots. She continues to inspire me, and I wish her all the very best with her new ventures.

Toronto loves FP!

Birthday May 2009

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Julie said...

awesome cookies!! they look incredible.

White Flood said...

Caught my eye with naked! Haha jokes aside, lovin the Floppy Puppy. Would have no shame in eating that!