Monday, July 05, 2010


I am fascinated by the deconstruction of the two condo buildings on the corner of Tweedsmuir and Heath, right beside where I live. Every morning at 7 am, workers start their work of wreaking havoc on these buildings. It's a slow process, perhaps because it is a "green" demolition. I guess this means they don't just blow those puppies up - which we were kind of hoping for: a good excuse for a party! Ka-boom! Down the hatch!

Destruction - Colours

Every night I sit on my balcony and look in at the empty rooms, noting the differences between light fixtures and paint colours amid startling and relentless uniformity.

Destruction - Blue

Our crazy neighbour (who loves-loves-loves Walter for some explicable reason and hates me with an equal passion because I didn't take kindly to her demonstration on how to open and close my door one day), always has crackpot ideas that she will share with Walter. Like the building to the north of us has a meth lab that caused their pool to leak and our power to go out, or something like that. She emphatically told Walter the other day that they were tearing down one floor a day -- despite proof that it is taking them well over a week so far!

Destruction - Roof

I have no idea how long it will take for these two buildings to come down, but I find it amusing that the pile of building materials in the garbage in the back is growing at a rapid rate and will, in the not too distant future, likely engulf the building that is generating it.

Destruction - Pile

Some of the balconies are getting a bit precarious, but amazingly are still hanging on.

Destruction - Balcony

Anyway, the progress is fascinating to watch, although a little mind-numbing during the day when the drilling begins. We've taken to keeping the windows shut so the cat can get her beauty sleep (she is, after all, seventeen years old and very, very sleepy) and we don't get our stuff covered in cement dust.


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The Blonde One said...

Didn't said same neighbour also think there was a meth lab in our building when there was the fire on the 2nd floor?

BTW - you sure you know how to open and close the door? I could always demonstrate for you.