Monday, December 26, 2011

Exploring Malmo

Before I came, I met Angie's neighbours, who as it happened one of them is from Malmo and the other has been here as a visitor, so I got an interesting perspective of Malmo - both the inside track and the tourist point of view. The tourist told me I'd be done Malmo in about a day and a half...three if I do all the museums. She's right! Today I walked, and walked and walked. I think I have seen every street in central Malmo and the areas south to Mollevangen, and most streets twice. I have a list of things I still want to see or go to In Malmo since many things have been closed due to the Christmas season, and some I just want to see in the daylight since it gets dark so early here (and today I may have missed a little daylight due to a bit of adjustment to the time change). All that being said, I am now planning several day trips in southern Sweden and Copenhagen, since I will probably be done Malmo in the estimated three or four days.

I spent a good part of the day today enjoying the Malmohus castle and museum. Or rather museums. Malmohus Castle houses several museums, including an aquarium, art gallery, windmill, science and technology museum, as well as extensive grounds.

Malmohus Castle

I found a u-boat (or as the Swedish say, u-baten)! There is something I find fascinating about u-boats, and I find them unexpectedly and am entranced and intrigued every time.

Ubaten 3

I had a very recognizable lunch of meatballs with gravy and lingonberry sauce but not from Ikea!

Meatball lunch at Malmohus Castle

I love the signs here! They are so helpful! Yes, I am channeling my inner 14-year old boy here. I'd like these ones for the office...

Farthinder / Speedbump


Malmo is such a lovely city, even if it gets dark a little early even for a Canadian. This is the view at dusk, around 4 pm, at Gustav Adolfs Torg (square).

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I really like the photo of the picked a time of day perfectly to highlight the lighting.