Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome, Etta J!

Please welcome Etta J!

New family

As of yesterday, my little family doubled in size when she came to live with me. Etta was born in September 2010 to Norman and Zoey, at Shorlyne's Tonkinese. She's a platinum solid Tonkinese. Although I knew in October I was ready for another fur-friend, I didn't want to bring her home until I came back from Sweden.

Etta on her way home

Etta was very vocal during the car ride home from Kingston, and she was pretty nervous and scared. She hid for a few hours behind a bookcase as soon as we got home, but she is a super friendly cat, and would tentatively come out for a visit when we would take a peek at her. She was very busy all night, finally coming out of the bedroom and investigating the rest of the house.

Big stretch

She's still very nervous and jumpy, but very friendly and not hiding. When we went out for brunch this morning, she took advantage of our being gone to have a cozy nap under the duvet. She was pretty tired as she hadn't slept yet. By this afternoon she was a bit rested and played a bit, and did a little stalking!


She is a big climber, and very active. She really wants to get to the top of the front closet and sandwiched herself between the folding doors, so that's maybe an Etta-free zone until I can figure out if she can do that safely. Hopefully she'll lose interest in the skylights!

She has had some water, and used her litter box, but she hasn't eaten much other than a small handful of treats, so I hope she'll find her appetite soon.

Etta is a really lovely and sweet cat, she's absolutely stunning and very affectionate already. I'm so glad she's come to be a family with me

So sleepy

More pics of Etta are on Flickr!

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Sar said...

Ohhhh congrats Kelly!!!! So excited for you! Welcome Etta J!