Sunday, January 29, 2006

Must you leave so soon?

Yesterday was a good day, in spite of the fact that the Peeps abandoned me for the day. Mrs. Peep went to *work* which she normally does not do on a Saturday since it is traditionally our sacred day together. And it offends the very fibre of her being to have to go to the office on the weekend. Which is somewhat surprising, I know, given that she is often there until the wee hours during the week. I guess you have to draw the line somewhere...Mr. Peep, on the other hand, is an elusive creature. To my mind he keeps odd hours, but according to him, he is precisely where he is meant to be, when he is meant to be there. (At least that's his story and he's sticking to it. I think it is a rather glamourous excuse, so I allow him the illusion that I believe it.)

But I digress. My day was a good day because it was bright and sunny! It was warm too, but I have a fur coat so I'm hardly concerned about that in a way that the Peeps are. The windows were open and I could smell all sorts of interesting things (mostly soggy moldy smells from the forest outside my favourite window) AND I had hours and hours of lovely sunbeams. A rare thing indeed. (Today, for example, is slate grey. Nary a sunbeam to be found. And the windows are closed because the wind is howling. This is the usual state of affairs.) Saturday naps are the penultimate naps, and this one was particularly top notch!

To top off my day, when Mrs. Peep arrived home, at quite a decent hour I might add (around 6 pm which is early for her), she brought two of my most favouritest people: Ms. Blonde One and Ms. Firefly Knit. Mrs. Peep explained their presence by the lure of dinner, however I know better as I overheard them talking in the front hallway about how they were here to pay me homage. Quite right.

I have missed Ms. Blonde One. She lived with the Peeps for many years and has a penchant for Saturday naps and whispering sweet nothings in my ears. Then, two years ago she had the temerity to move in with another feline named Willow. I am glad to hear that Willow, although quite nice in her own right, has not swayed Ms. Blonde One's loyalty and devotion to me. (I had to recently test her loyalty with a ferocious fanging - she is still mine, scar and all!)

Ms. Firefly Knit, on the other hand, is a relatively new recruit. While she has not spent as much time with me over the years, she has always provided quality attention, the occasional nap, and quite often some yarn with which to play. The lovely ladies came over to enjoy my company and feed me Nachos. What more could one desire from a Saturday? (For some reason, Mrs. Peep is sputtering quite a number of other things, but we will ignore her.)

Unfortunately, my friends had to leave. I was quite upset. The nachos are gone and they have left me alone with Mrs. Peep, aka Crazy Stalker Lady.

Adios, my pets. Until the next time!


Kelly said...

Koko, don't be angry with me when I come back today to steal Mrs. Peeps again. I promise to return her at a decent hour again.

P.S. You're quite photogenic, you know.

The Blonde One said...

oh koko - it is lovely to know that the fanging was out of love! Nothing could replace you koko.

Not An Artist said...

"They are allegedly made of Japanese nature" -- I think you should send this to Noro as a new ad campaign.

ps.Thanks for the kind words Koko, you are most wise for such a beautiful feline.