Sunday, January 29, 2006

Switching gears...

Warning *Non-world-domination post*

So...logically, if my previous raison d'etre was world domination/no knitting, then if I am no longer focussed on world domination, then it follows I can now allow knitting related posts on my blog. I am not a knitter, but I do enjoy yarn. Mrs. Peep and Ms. Blonde one will be taking a knitting class soon, so who knows what future posts may entail. This is entirely Ms. Firefly Knit's fault. She is a very bad influence, her and all her yarn harlot cronies.

As it happens, to have a knitting related post, one must start with yarn, specifically the purchase of said yarn. Mrs. Peep abandoned me YET again in order to run amok in a leafy vegetable shop. I do not understand how she ended up with yarn not vegetables, but she did - enough for two scarf projects, one for herself and one for Ms. Blonde One. Ms. Firefly Knit, who was the instigator of this outing also purchased some lovely yarn with which to knit a felted bag for Mrs. Peeps. (Who anxiously awaits said bag!) I have granted permission to Mrs. Peep to share pictures of her new aquisitions, so you can also admire how much they are in fact NOT vegetables.

(Notice the manly colours above. The green-brown-black yarn, a supermerino wool made by Lorna's Laces, is called Camouflage. This is for Ms. Blonde One's BF who detests cats. I know. Really. I have left a few special hairs on it for him.)

The three balls are for Mrs. Peep's scarf and are Noro wool Kureyon #148. They are allegedly made of Japanese nature. They have a different scent, something I cannot quite place. But then, I have not been to Japan, so that may explain it. Hence why I have turned away and can only be spotted as a flicker of the tail in the background.

Mrs. Peep came home today (her second day of weekend abandonment I might add, not that I minded too much as I had Mr. Peep all to myself), in a very good mood. She and Ms. Firefly Knit not only raided a lettuce store, but they went on a canoe. Or possibly to a canoe, I'm not quite sure which. I can't say she was evasive in this matter, more elated. But, since cats DO have at least seven times the power of scent than humans I can say this for a fact: she smells delightful, specifically, my powers of deduction indicate that on or at this canoe, she partook of the following delectables:

1) Hearts romaine with horseradish caeser dressing, brioche croutons and wheat berries
2) Broiled Atlantic salmon with Newfoundland Screech, maple onions and red cabbage
3) Ginger toffee pudding, bourbon brown butter sauce & candied ginger ice cream
4) paired with two glasses of Inniskillin VQA Reisling and coffee

Winterlicious! I would be happy too!


Kelly said...


My plans for world knitting domination are starting to reveal themselves!

The Blonde One said...

koko - the lovely green wool is lovely. However, I am most disappointed that you have published the delectable meal that Ms. Firefly knit and Ms. Peep enjoyed. I am mourning the ginger pudding which sounds delightful.

Not An Artist said...

Oops. I'm a spaz -- left the comment for this post on the other post! But can I just say, what is this Winterlicious?? Because it sounds phenomenal. Between Firefly and you, I am salivating like pavlov over here.

koko puff said...

I had to double take there, Ms. Artist...I read pavlova not pavlov. My apologies, food on the brain!

Ms. Firefly and Ms. Peep have decided that this Winterlicious is the absolute best thing EVER! So you are welcome to join in the food loving fun when it rolls around again. Their love of fibre is rivalled by their love of food...