Thursday, January 26, 2006

World domination five minutes ago

I have completed some research in the virtual world and was embarrassed to realize that my dream of world domination is quite outre. A quick peek at the Blogger world, for example, reveals that at least 20 individuals share my goal, including a predominance of goths, gamers, more gamers, and perhaps a few people with grandiose ideas who don't get out of their basement too often. A Google search reveals that there are many plans out there for world domination from all factions, Canadians to nudists to Linux to robots, but what really stuck in my craw and has shamed me to the tips of my whiskers, is the plans for buffalo wing world domination. Yes, you did read that correctly. Buffalo wings. Hello! I am sure that you agree that world domination might be, for me, far too passe a goal.

Honestly, I am at my wits end. What is my purpose? What will I do if I am not pursuing world domination? Will I still be me?

I will assume the Buddha pose and contemplate my future.


Kelly said...

Hey, what's wrong with gamers?!

koko puff said...

Well, I do think there is a distinction between those who game and gamers. There isn't really anything wrong with either, per se, but I relate to the former and not the later...I'm sure I ain't their cup of tea neither!

The Blond One said...

well koko - this certainly is a quandry. After all, what is your purpose? One cannot live on Doritos alone. What is more fantastical than world domination? I too wil assume the budha pose and try to come to some conclusion for you.