Saturday, February 04, 2006

Defining *good* (redux)

Blogspot and I seem to have some issues today. I posted this earlier, but somehow it has disappeared into the ether. So iffen you've already read some version of this post already, then read the post below, that's new, and check back tomorrow!

Mrs. Peep says I must be good or else. I am perplexed (and not just because I have a brain the size of a walnut, although granted, that may be a factor). Does she mean good behaviour-wise or good tasty-wise? This is not a rhetorical question. The distinction is quite important to me, as I caught her reading the following from The Congo Cookbook:

All over Central Africa, koko is cut into thin strips before being cooked. This is usually accomplished by rolling it, like cigars, and then using a very sharp knife to shave the end into thin strips. Koko is available already-cut and ready-to-cook in many Central African markets. The women selling it cut it fresh throughout the day. The more thinly cut the koko is, the higher it can be piled -- a tall pile of koko is definitely a selling point. Cutting the koko into such thin strips probably makes it easier to cook.
I'm more than a bit concerned, so if you don't hear hide nor hair of me in the next day or so, blame Blogspot or send in the troops!


The Blonde One said...

I think you should be wayr koko...Ms Peeps watches Anthony Bourdain and might have an inkling to become a VERY adventurous eater. Much like Mr. must be good!

Not An Artist said...

OK, I read this entry yesterday. But not the one before it. This was the one I couldn't comment on! Silly blogger. Although I can't be too mad, it is an utterly free service.

ps: I love the new look! Except the white text on red is bit harsh... maybe make text light grey or light blue?

koko puff said...

I've still not been "et"...Yay for me!

Thanks for the feedback...the colour palette inspired by an email from js bonbons and you gave me the word cloud!

For the text, how's the light yellow on red instead? I also increased the text size slightly, so that should help too.