Saturday, February 04, 2006

A knitterly stash indeed!

Ms. Firefly Knit is responsible for the converting Mrs. Peep from the knitted-for camp to the knitted-by camp. Well, the conversion is still in progress. (Oh, and Ms. Firefly Knit - don't think you can stop knitting for her -- you're not off the, ahem, hook yet!) First, she started her nefarious plan by posting pretty things on her blog. Then, she tantalized her with knitted treats, starting with small Christmas mittens, then culminating in the piece-de-resistance, the Wavy Scarf. (If you haven't seen this delectable item of hand-dyed cashmere and silk, then check out the pictures on her blog. Looking is not the same as feeling, but just imagine the soft, decadent blend of cashmere, and silk...but we digress: back to the blog at hand.) Her plan was multifaceted. Not only did she gift knitted items, but she lead her like a camel to water by planting double agents on her web site. These were erudite cat owners who, ahem, spun a fine yarn, who were witty and charming and entertaining to read. All passionate ladies committed to creating magic with string and pointy sticks as it turned out. Their passion was infectious.

What's that you say? What is the point of this post? Well, let me tell you. Mrs. Peep was inspired by the Yarn Harlot. She has been devouring Ms. Yarn Harlot's book, the Secret Life of a Knitter (a book she purchased for Ms. Firefly Knit, which has now been lent to Mrs. Peep -- you see how devious this plan is?), and she now is the proud owner of a knitterly stash. Nevermind that she hasn't even started her Intro to Knitting class at Lettuce Knit yet. Not only does she have a stash, but she has an official stash bag, compliments of Winners. (Well, not like it was free or anything.)

Current inventory of the new, marine blue, stash bag:
1. 3000 crochet needles ranging from .70 mm to size 15 purchased from the Paton's outlet when it was going out of business. All virgin needles.
2. A dozen knitting sticks in several sizes, including two sets of sock needles. Why? I blame the sale syndrome. Most are virgins, but there are a few harlots in the bunch.
3. A partially completed sock (first sock, top ribbing completed only) made in green and cream itchy wool [editorial note: Mrs. Peep doesn't have the lingo yet, bear with her], knitted on a Cedar Hollow small, round, wooden circle thingy. Purchased from the Creative Sewing & Needlework Festival with the delusion that this technique would be easy since it is like giant corking. Mrs. Peep has discovered that this type of knitting is painful, actual pain not psychic pain. It takes days for her hands to recover. It may become core stash as Ms. Yarn Harlot refers to it. This designation would justify never actually finishing this particular project.
4. The 3 balls of Noro and 2 balls of supermerino wool for the scarves to be completed by Mrs. Peep and Ms. Blonde One in the Intro to Knitting course.
5. One partially completed garter stitch scarf made out of variagated acrylic (also from the Paton's outlet way back when), with several balls of said yarn. Can acrylic yarn be called yarn? If one cared about these things, one would hope that one was not offending with improper references.
6. Space for all the other yarn currently stuffed into crevices around the house. Mrs. Peep will play hunt-and-search for the remaining stash tomorrow.
7. A 9lb mystery space saver and stash supervisor!

See, all the elements of a true knitterly stash: core stash, incomplete projects, projects to be, appropriate implements of destruction (but not the ones you actually need), and a supervisor of said stash. Not a bad start at all for a knitter-newby.


The Blonde One said...

Hmmm...kokoMs Blonde one is way behind on developing her stash. The only item she has listed above is a 14lb mystery space saver and stash supervisor.

Not An Artist said...

Heh heh heh.... its all a part of the plan...